AASHTO M 80-08 pdf free download

Coarse Aggregate foHydraulic Cement Concrete


This specification covers coarse mixture, aside from light-weight aggregate, to be used in concrete.
numerous classes and gradings of coarse mixture are described (notes 1 and a couple of).

Notice 1-This specification is regarded as ok to make certain nice materials for most concrete. it’s far diagnosed that, for positive paintings or in positive areas, it may be both extra or less restrictive than wanted.
note 2-definitions of phrases used in this specification may be located in astm c 125.

2 the values said in si gadgets are to be appeared as the usual.

Referenced files

Aashto requirements:
• M 43, sizes of aggregate for avenue and bridge creation
• M ninety two, twine-material sieves for checking out functions
• T 2, sampling of aggregates
• T 11, substances finer than seventy five-µm (no. 2 hundred) sieve in mineral aggregates through washing
• T 19m/t 19, bulk density (“unit weight”) and voids in combination
• T 27, sieve analysis of satisfactory and coarse aggregates
T 96, resistance to degradation of small-size coarse combination by means of abrasion and effect
in the los angeles machine
• T 104, soundness of combination through use of sodium sulfate or magnesium sulfate
• T 112, clay lumps and friable debris in mixture
• T 113, lightweight pieces in mixture
T 303, extended detection of potentially deleterious expansion of mortar bars due to
alkali-silica response

AASHTO M 80-08 pdf free download

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