AASHTO T 201-03 pdf free download

Kinematic Viscosity of Asphalts (Bitumens)

AASHTO t 201-03 (2007) is same to astm d 2170-0la except for the following provisions:
1. All references to astm d 92 shall be replaced with aashto t forty eight. upload reference to r 16, regulatory statistics for chemical substances utilized in aashto checks.
2. Delete the 1 in front of cm2/s within the fourth sentence of section three.1.2.
3. Replace phase eight.2 with the following:
eight.2 preserve the tub at the test temperature within ±0.03°c (±zero.05°f). observe the vital corrections, if any, to all thermometer readings.
4. Upload a remaining sentence to segment a2.three.3.l as follows:
whilst the sample travels through capillary r and fills bulb a approximately half full, arrest its float by way of putting a stopper in tube l.
5. Upload a last sentence to section a2.3.three.three as follows:
this 15-minute period is a part of and now not in addition to the equilibration time of a2.3.4.
6. Revise the second one sentence of phase a2.three.5 to examine as follows:
for the zeitfuchs cross-arm viscometer practice slight vacuum to tube m (or stress to tube n)
to reason …

AASHTO T 201-03 pdf free download

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