AASHTO T 202-03 pdf free download

Viscosity  of Asphalts by Vacuum Capillary Viscometer

AASHTO T 202-03 (2007) is same to ASTM D 2171-01 except for the following provisions:
l. The following reference is introduced:
R 16, regulatory information for chemical substances used in aashto assessments.
2. Inside the 2d sentence of section 6.2, exchange “forty seven°c” and “forty seven°f” to “47c” and “47f,” respectively.
3. in the first sentence of segment 6.4, alternate “forty.zero kpa three hundred mm hg” to “40.zero kpa
(300 mm hg)”.
4. In table xl.1, alternate the viscosity variety for viscometer length wide variety 12 to “36 to 800 pa-s
(360 to 8000 p)”.
5.In desk x3.i, alternate the approximate calibration aspect for viscometer size wide variety 25, bulb d from “.007” to “0.07”, and alternate the identify to “widespread viscometer sizes, capillary radii, approximate calibration elements, k, and viscosity levels for changed koppers vacuum capillary viscometer”.

AASHTO T 202-03 pdf free download

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