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Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cohesive Soil


1.1. This take a look at method covers the dedication of the unconfined compressive electricity of cohesive soil inside the undisturbed, remolded, or compacted condition, the use of pressure-controlled utility of the axial load.

1.2. This test approach offers an approximate price of the electricity of cohesive soils in phrases of overall stresses.

1.3. This test approach is applicable most effective to cohesive substances with a view to not expel bleed water (water expelled from the soil because of deformation or compaction) for the duration of the loading portion of the test and if you want to maintain intrinsic strength.after elimination of confining pressures, which include clays or cemented soils. dry and crumbly soils, fissured or varved substances, silts, peats, and sands cannot be examined with this approach to attain legitimate unconfined compressive power values.

Notice 1-The dedication of the unconsolidated, undrained power of cohesive soils with lateral confinement is included via t 296.

1.4. This check technique isn’t always a substitute for t 296.

1.5. The values said in si units are to be regarded as the same old.

AASHTO T 208-05 pdf free download

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