AASHTO T 209-08 pdf free download

Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity and Density of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)


1.1. This check technique covers the determination of the theoretical maximum unique gravity and density ofuncompacted hot blend asphalt (hma) at 25°c (seventy seven°f).

Note 1-The precision of the approach is first-class whilst the technique is finished on samples that include aggregates which are absolutely lined. with a purpose to assure whole coating, it is suitable to carry out the technique on samples which are close to the choicest asphalt binder content material.

1.2. The values said in si gadgets are to be appeared as the usual.

1.3. This widespread might also contain dangerous substances, operations, and equipment. this general does no longer purport to address all of the safety worries, if any, related to its use. it is the duty of the consumer of this widespread to set up appropriate safety and fitness practices and decide the applicability of regulatory barriers prior to use.

AASHTO T 209-08 pdf free download

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