AASHTO T 237-05 pdf free download

Testing Epoxy Resin Adhesive

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2.1. AASHTO requirements:
• M 6, first-rate combination for hydraulic cement concrete
• M 85, portland cement
• M 235m/m 235, epoxy resin adhesives
• T 106m/t 106, compressive electricity of hydraulic cement mortar (the usage of 50-mm or 2-in.
cube specimens)
• T 132, tensile power of hydraulic cement mortars

2.2. ASTM standards:
• C 778, specification for widespread sand
• D 570, take a look at technique for water absorption of plastics
• D 1002, take a look at approach for apparent shear electricity of single-lap-joint adhesively bonded
metal specimens by means of tension loading (metal-to-steel)
• D i 084, check methods for viscosity of adhesives

AASHTO T 237-05 pdf free download

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