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Helical Continuously Welded Seam  Corrugated Steel  Pipe


This method describes the system to be used in figuring out the fine of the seam or helical,
constantly welded seam, corrugated metallic pipe. the procedure to be used includes distorting a
quick period of welded seam with the aid of using a 25-mm diameter, hemispherical punch and a 38-mm inner
diameter contoured die. the ensuing distorted weld location will hereafter be known as the “cup.”

At the option of the engineer, or inside the occasion of a war of words between the engineer and fabricator, the referee test described in phase 4 will be finished.


Die-a die having an internal diameter of38 mm and machined to comply to the corrugation of the pattern. (see parent 1.)

punch-a punch which includes a 25-mm metal ball attached to a section of nineteen-mm diameter metal rod. (see discern 1.)

AASHTO T 241-95 pdf free dwnload

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