AASHTO T 242-96 pdf free download

Frictional Properties of Paved Surfaces Using  a Full-Scale Tire


1.1. This technique covers the dimension of the frictional homes of paved surfaces with a distinctive full-scale automobile tire.

1.2. This approach utilizes a measurement representing the consistent-kingdom friction pressure on a locked check wheel as it’s far dragged over a wetted-pavement surface below steady load and at a consistent speed while its essential plane is parallel to its course of motion and perpendicular to the pavement.

1.3. The values measured represent the frictional homes acquired with the system and approaches stated herein and do not always agree or correlate at once with those obtained by means of different pavement friction measuring techniques. the values are meant to be used in evaluating sure frictional houses of a pavement relative to those of different pavements or for evaluating modifications in those frictional homes of a pavement with the passage of time. the values are insufficient to decide the gap required to stop a vehicle on both a moist or a dry pavement. they’re additionally insufficient for figuring out the velocity at which control of a vehicle could be misplaced, because height and facet-pressure friction are also required for these determinations.

1.4.The values said in si gadgets are to be regarded as the usual.

AASHTO T 242-96 pdf free download

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