AASHTO T 243M/T 243-08 pdf free download

Sampling Procedure for Impact  Testing of Structural Steel


1.1.This specification establishes the system for longitudinal charpy v-notch checking out of structural metallic and includes frequencies of checking out. the impact homes of steel can vary within the same heat and piece, be it as rolled, manipulate rolled or warmness handled. the customer ought to, therefore, be aware that testing of one plate, bar, or shape does no longer provide assurance that every one plates, bars, or shapes of the equal warmth as processed may be equal in toughness with the product examined. normalizing or quenching and tempering the product will reduce the diploma of version.

1.2. This specification is intended to supplement specifications for structural metallic whilst so special.

1.3. This specification does now not always follow to all product specs; therefore, the manufacturer or processor have to be consulted for energy absorption tiers and minimum checking out temperatures that may be predicted or furnished.

1.4. Two frequencies of testing (p and h) are prescribed.

1.5. The values stated in both si gadgets or inch-pound gadgets are to be regarded as fashionable. inside the text, the english devices are proven in brackets. the values stated in each device are not actual equivalents; therefore, each machine must be used independently of the alternative. combining values from the 2 structures may additionally bring about non confonnance with the specification.

AASHTO T 243M/T 243-08 pdf free download

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