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Resistance to Plastic Flow of Bituminous Mixture Using Marshall Apparatus


This method covers the measurement of the resistance to plastic float of cylindrical specimens of bituminous paving combination loaded at the lateral surface by the marshall apparatus. this technique is for use with combinations containing asphalt cement, asphalt cutback or tar, and aggregate up to 25.4-mm (1-in.) most length.

Note 1-the compaction hammer can be ready with a finger safety shield as shown in
figure 2.

Observe 2-lnstead of a hand-operated hammer, and associated equipment defined in sections 2.3,
2.four, and a pair of.five, a mechanically operated hammer may be used furnished it has been calibrated to present consequences comparable with the hand-operated hammer.

Compaction pedestal-the compaction pedestal shall encompass a 203.2 by using 203.2- by way of 457 .2-mm (8- by eight- by using 18-in.) timber post capped with a 304.eight- by way of 304.8- by means of 25.4-mm (12- with the aid of 12- with the aid of 1-in.) metal plate. the wood submit will be oak, pine, or other wooden having a median dry weight of
0.sixty seven to 0.seventy seven g/cm3 ( forty two to 48 lb/ft3).the timber submit shall be secured via 4 perspective brackets to a solid concrete slab. the metal cap will be firmly fastened to the submit. the pedestal assembly shall be set up in order that the publish is plumb and the cap is degree.

Specimen mould holder-mounted at the compaction pedestal so that it will center the compaction mildew over the center of the put up. it shall hold the compaction mould, collar, and base plate securely in function all through compaction of the specimen.

AASHTO T 245-97 pdf free download

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