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Resistance to Deformation and Cohesion of  Bituminous Mixtures by Means of Hveem  Apparatus


These methods cowl the willpower of (1) the resistance to deformation of compacted bituminous combinations via measuring the lateral strain advanced from making use of a vertical load
by means of the hveem stabilometer, and (2) the concord of compacted bituminous combinations by measuring the forces required to interrupt or bend the sample as a cantilever beam via the
hveem cohesiometer.2


2.1. Stabilometer-the hveem stabilometer (figures 1 and a pair of) is a triaxial trying out tool consisting essentially of a rubber sleeve inside a steel cylinder containing a liquid which registers the horizontal strain advanced by means of a compacted test specimen as a vertical load is implemented

Trying out system-a compression testing machine having a minimum potential of 44.five kn (10000 lbf), figure three indicates the assembly of the stabilometer in a trying out system. the 222 kn (50000 lbf) ability compression trying out device specified in t 247, instruction of check specimens of bituminous combinations by using california kneading compactor, is commonly
used to perform the stabilometer test.

AASHTO T 246-07 pdf free download

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