AASHTO T 324-04 pdf free download

Hamburg Wheel·Track Testing of Compacted Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)

1. Scope

1.1. This check approach describes a process for trying out the rutting and moisture-susceptibility of hot blend asphalt (hma) pavement samples inside the hamburg wheel-tracking device.

1.2. The approach describes the trying out of submerged, compacted hma in a reciprocating rolling-wheel device. this check offers records about the price of permanent deformation from a shifting, concentrated load. a laboratory compactor has been designed to prepare slab specimens. also, the superpave'” gyratory compactor (sgc) has been designed to compact specimens inside the
laboratory. as an alternative, field cores oflarge diameter, 255 mm (10 in.) or three hundred mm (12 in.), or noticed-reduce slab specimens may be examined.

1.3. The take a look at approach is used to decide the premature failure susceptibility ofhma due to weak spot within the combination shape, inadequate binder stiffness, or moisture damage. this test technique measures the rut depth and wide variety of passes to failure.

1.4.The capacity for moisture damage outcomes are evaluated since the specimens are submerged in temperature-controlled water in the course of loading.

This fashionable may contain risky materials, operations, and gadget. this widespread does now not purport to cope with all of the protection issues, lf any, related to its use. it is the responsibility of the user of this preferred to establish appropriate protection and fitness practices and decide the applicability of regulatory limitations previous to apply.

AASHTO T 324-04 pdf free download

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