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Uncompacted Void Content of Coarse Aggregate (As Influenced by Particle Shape, Surface Texture, and Grading)

1. Scope

1.1. This technique describes the willpower of the loose uncompacted void content material of a pattern of coarse mixture. when measured on any aggregate of a recognized grading, void content material gives an indication of the combination’s angularity, sphericity, and surface texture as compared with different coarse aggregates examined inside the identical grading.

1.2. 3 Techniques are covered for the size of void content material. two use graded coarse aggregate (wellknown grading or as-obtained grading), and the other uses several man or woman length fractions for void content material determinations:

1.2.1.General graded sample (method a)-this technique makes use of a trendy coarse combination grading that is received by using combining man or woman sieve fractions from the maximum density curve drawn from the most coarse aggregate size. see the section on education of test samples for
the grading.

1.2.2. Indi~idua/ length fracti~n~ (method b)-t~is ~ethod uses each ?f t~ee coarse agf,e~ate length fractions: (a) 19 mm ( /four m.) to 12.5 mm ( /2 m.); (b) 12.5 mm ( /2 m.) to 9.five mm( /8 in.);
(c) nine.five mm (3/8 in.) to four.75 mm (no. 4). for this approach, every length is examined separately.

1.2.3.As-obtained grading (technique c)-this method makes use of that part of the coarse combination retained on the 4.seventy five-nun (no. 4) sieve.

1.3. This popular might also involve hazardous substances, operations, and system. this widespread does not purport to address all the safety worries, ifany, related to its use. it is the obligation of the user of this widespread to establish appropriate protection and health practices and determine the applicability of law obstacles previous to its use.

AASHTO T 326-05 pdf free download

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