AASHTO T 331-08 pdf free download

Bulk  Specific Gravity and  Density of Compacted Asphalt Mixtures  Using  Automatic Vacuum Sealing Method


1.1. This method covers the dedication of bulk specific gravity of specimens of compacted hot blend asphalt (hma) combinations.

1.2. This technique ought to be used with samples that include open or interconnecting voids and/or take in extra than 2.0 percent of water through volume, as determined through t i66. an employer may additionally specify this approach as an alternative to t 275.

1.3. The majority unique gravity of the compacted hma can be utilized in calculating the unit mass of the aggregate.

1.4. The values stated in si gadgets are to be regarded as the usual.

1.5. This preferred can also involve dangerous materials, operations, and gadget. this general does no longer purport to cope with all the protection issues, if any, associated with its use. it’s miles the responsibility of the consumer of this wellknown to establish appropriate safety and fitness practices and
decide the applicability of regulatory limitations previous to apply

AASHTO T 331-08 pdf free download

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