AASHTO T 332-07 pdf free download

Determining Chloride Ions Concrete and Concrete Materials by Specific Ion Probe

1. Scope

1.1 This technique covers the methods for figuring out acid-soluble chloride ions in concrete and urban mix components.

1.2 The age of concrete, mortar, or hydrated portland cement at the time of sampling can have an effect at the acid-soluble chloride ion content material. consequently, unless early age research are favored, it’s miles encouraged that the cloth be properly cured and as a minimum 28 days of age earlier than sampling.

1.3 This widespread may additionally involve risky substances, operations, and device. this widespread does now not purport to cope with all of the safety concerns associated with its use. it is the duty of the user of this process to set up appropriate protection and health practices and to decide the applicability of regulatory obstacles prior to use.

AASHTO T 332-07 pdf free download

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